Betting on rowing: a sport for aristocrats with great possibilities

A sport like rowing is not very popular, but it does have its own audience. In this article, we will discuss the most important things about this sport and try to find out if it is true that betting on rowing is not only interesting, but also “fraught” with success.

Rowing is considered an “aristocratic” sport in terms of betting too: very few, only the most sophisticated betting fans favour it. Perhaps because they want to try something new or to tickle their nerves.

Or because they think pragmatically. For example, they see the sport’s advantages compared with the “competitors” in the betting business. Among them – plenty of tournaments, competitions and championships, which allows you to choose bets on the basis of many previous races.

Bets can be placed on individual heats as well as on paddlers trying to win a race of eight. In this context, it’s important to distinguish between types of rowing. Rowing and canoeing have a special place in this discipline. There are many sub-species of canoeing. Among the most popular ones we can single out paddling, rafting in extreme conditions and rowing marathons.

History of rowing

The birthplace of rowing is Britain. The first “classical” rowing competitions, called “boat racing”, started before 1800. As the sport rapidly gained popularity and spread throughout many countries at that time, the International Rowing Federation was formed at the end of the century in 1882.

The sport was added to the Olympics programme in 1900. With time, it has become a hobby for a smaller number of sports fans and has not gained as much popularity as football, basketball, ice hockey or tennis.

Bets to keep an eye on

On the Prize. The bettor’s task is to pick the team they think will be amongst the first three to finish the race. In addition, some bookmakers provide the opportunity to select the top three winners as such (the sequence is usually irrelevant).

On the winner. A variant on determining the triumphant of the tournament (athlete or team).

On elimination of a participant or disqualification of a team. Want to predict the failure of a participant in the race? Bookmakers offer bets on individual athletes or a specific team to drop out.

On the team that will not make it to the next round. The prerequisite here must be that the competition is a stage race. In such a case, the choice can be made for a scenario with one or other team not making it to the next round of the tournament.

The final ranking of the team. If you think that Sweden (or any X squad, for that matter) will finish third at the end of the tournament, this is the betting option for you.

Features of rowing bets

When it comes to the subject of betting on any unpopular sport it is important to find your own betting odds. Considering that the spread of rowing betting among punters is not that wide, not every bookmaker will offer what you need. Finding a reputable, reliable office is the first priority.

Finding information about the sport is not difficult when it comes to theory. As for “practice”, analysing the performances of individual athletes or teams, it is not so easy.

Since it is a difficult question not only for punters but also for bookmakers, bettors with a good knack can turn this gap to their advantage.
Also, it’s important to remember: you’re not alone in your quest to tickle your nerves in betting on this sport. You’re sure to find like-minded people on the net, and you should not be lazy in finding them.

It’s worth deciding on the kind of rowing you are interested in. For example, in rowing, which is called rowing academics, the results of the participants are more or less the same. But in extreme rowing, the results of athletes and teams, which recently were the leaders in their niche, today can be sensationally disappointing.

Let’s also return to the issue of frequent overestimation by bookmakers of their knowledge of rowing. Because of this, teams that consist of young athletes are often very much underestimated, and this is a chance to win if you have better information.

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