Betting on futsal: the basics for beginners

Simply put, futsal is football, only in a gym and the teams play 5 on 5. In this piece, we’ll go over the basic types of futsal betting, the specifics of the game and give beginners some betting tips.

What is the difference between futsal and indoor football? Many people think they are the same thing, but this is not entirely true. Futsal matches are called futsal matches in bookmaker’s betting lines and the same wording is used in the press and in everyday communication. Futsal and futsal have a lot in common, but there are also differences.

Thus, futsal competitions are organised by the International Futsal Association (AMF), while futsal competitions are held under the auspices of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). There are differences in the rules: futsal is a more contact game where kicking is allowed and the ball is kicked out with the hands, not feet, as opposed to mini-football. However, as the concepts of futsal and futsal have merged, we will use them synonymously in this article.

Futsal betting types

Currently, almost all betting companies have a wide enough line on futsal matches, so you can bet on futsal at any online bookmaker. Just like in professional football, there are several basic types of betting.

On outcomes (halftime or match).

In mini football, you can bet on one of the teams to win the match, one of the halves or both. If the game is in a play-off tournament, there is also the possibility to bet on the winner of the match (after regular time or a penalty shoot-out).

Total (more or less goals)

Total is the total number of goals scored in regular time of the match. The size of the total offered by bookmakers depends on the class of the teams and the level of the championship. In futsal more goals are traditionally scored than in the major football: as a “basic” total in matches of this sport bookmakers usually take the number of 6 or 7 goals (TB 6.5/TM 6.5 or TB 7.5/TM 7.5).

On a team handicap

A handicap (spread in English) bet refers to an advantage or an allowable deficit of one of the sides in a sporting contest. Futsal handicaps often have the same numerical value as in Major League Soccer matches: if there is no significant difference in quality between the teams, a handicap may be a zero, (+1) or (-1) on a certain team.


A player has bet on “Team 1 to win with a handicap (-1.5)”. The match ends up 2-0 in favour of Team 1. the bet is considered won.

More offers from bookmakers

Aside from the above basic betting variants, different bookmaker’s office lines have extra suggestions: total number of goals in a certain half, even or odd goal total in a match (for example 2:2 – even, 1:0 – odd), if both teams will score, exact score, on the winner of the whole tournament, etc.

Futsal betting strategies

In futsal, as well as in professional football, you can use different betting strategies such as overtaking, exact score, d’Alamber strategy, ladder and others.

As for the pre-match analysis in futsal, you need to pay special attention to the teams’ line-up and tournament motivation. In futsal there are 5 players in a team, and dropping at least one of the line-up may play an important role. Also the outcome of the team will depend on the performance of the goalkeeper. You should always look to see if the main goalkeeper will defend the goal in the upcoming game, or if the coach will save him for the next, more important match.

Futsal is a fast moving game and the situation on the pitch can change at any time. Therefore, in this sport, some players use several strategies to increase their chances of winning. Just as a reminder, none of the popular sports betting strategies guarantees instant winnings.

Just like in any other sport, there are no win-win strategies. However, the chances of more successful futsal or mini football bets are greater if you carefully study the lineups, statistics, and a thorough understanding of the rules of the game.

Which bookmakers bet on futsal?

Nearly all online bookmakers accept futsal bets. Many of them offer a wider line of live betting (during the match).

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